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    jboss-mx portability

    Scott Clasen Newbie

      Apologies in advance if this belongs in a user fourm....

      I have a question about the portability of jboss-mx. I work in an Websphere shop (Sorry...) and I am developing my second iteration of an application-level services framework with JMX.

      After fleshing some ideas out, I took a look at the jboss code and saw some very similar ideas to what I was trying to do, along the lines of system/ServiceMBeanSupport and jmx/MBeanProxy, etc...

      I would like to just use the whole of jboss-mx, and build on top of it.

      Does anyone have any anecdotal or hard evidence about jboss-mx playing nicely when used in other app servers?

      I think older versions of app servers may work OK, but what about when the vendors start providing their own JMX implementations, are there going to class confilicts?

      Will the jboss implementation of javax.management.* conflict with the other app servers implementaitons?

      Will the class loading models confilct?

      Thanks for any advice...
      Scott C