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    UnifiedClassLoader.getResources not working

    laurent wozniak Newbie


      I've just moved from JBoss 2.4.x to 3.0.x
      and found the following bug:
      UnifiedClassLoader.getResources() does not return all the
      resources under a specific name.

      UnifiedClassLoader.getResource() can return a value while
      UnifiedClassLoader.getResources() is returning an empty enumeration for the same resource.

      I looked in the source code and found that:
      * UnifiedClassLoader inherit from URLClassLoader
      * UnifiedClassLoader override getResource()
      * UnifiedClassLoader does not override getResources()

      UnifiedClassLoader.getResources() is simply not implemented.

      HeirarchicalLoaderRepository does not implement this
      functionnality either.

      Does this feature will be supported by JBoss 3.0.x ?
      If not, I can try to do it.

      At least UnifiedClassLoader.getResources() should be
      implemented to throw an UnsupportedOperationException.