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    [J2EE Management] Correction

    Heejune Newbie

      I've posted the bug and the corresponding patch at sourceforge:

      > what will getResources("a/b/c") return exactly ?
      From java.lang.ClassLoader:
      Finds all the resources with the given name

      If you have resources with the same name in multiple jars,
      getResources gives you all the urls to theses resources.

      In my case, I have a marker file in each jar, let's call it "marker.properties".
      With getResources("marker.properties") I'm supposed to get all of them, not only the first one as with getResource().

      In current implementation, you find only the resources located in the same jar as the class that called getResources.

      To reproduce the problem, just have JBoss load 2 jars, for exemple by adding those 2 jars in the classpath of a xxx-service.xml