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    Bug in 3.2.5 version of org.jboss.mx.remoting.MBeanNotificat

    Christopher Day Newbie

      The code is:
      public int hashCode()
      int result;
      result = objectName.hashCode();
      result = 29 * result + handback.hashCode();
      result = 29 * result + filter.hashCode();
      return result;

      This code requires that the filter be non-null, or a NullPointerException will be raised.

      If I have an MBeanLocator, then if I use the following idiom:

      locator.getServer().addNotificationListener(locator.getObjectName(), aListener, null, null);

      I will get a NullPointerException if the MBeanServer is actually remote and the implementation talks to it through a dynamic proxy, but it will work fine if the MBeanServer is local and the implementation talks to it directly. This clearly violates location transparency and disagrees with the interface for a local MBean, where null filters are explicitly allowed.

      I would appreciate a fix, as it will be awhile before I can move to 4.0. Thanks.