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    Automatic notification subscription management for XMBeans?

    Dimitris Andreadis Master

      I just thought I could create an extention to the XMBean descriptor to allow for declarative handling of JMX subscription notification, ala

      (see http://www.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=SubscriptionList)

      The target resource (POJO) would just have to implement
      javax.management.NotificationListener (i.e. the handleNotification() method).

      In the XMBean descriptor you could write something like:

       <mbean name="JMImplementation:type=MBeanServerDelegate">
       <notification type="JMX.mbean.registered"/>

      I have most of the code in ListenerServiceMBeanSupport, I just need to instantiate a new method interceptor in the presence of the "subscriptions" element that would subscribe after "start()" has returned and unsubscribe before "stop()" is called.

      How about that?