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    How to Access Remote JBoss(JMX)

    Muga Nishizawa Newbie


      I want to remotely access JBoss server(MBeanServer) so as to changing behavior of some MBean objects from client. Accoding to some website, remote management of MBeans is implementable if you use RemoteMBeanServer interface.

      But, I cannot find RemoteMBeanServer interface(JBoss 4.0.0).

      Could some one tell me, please, how to access remote MBeanServer (or how to use RemoteMBeanServer).


        • 1. New releases
          Dimitris Andreadis Master

          We have release Nukes 2.0 Developer Release and Nukes 1.1 RC3.

          Nukes 2.0 DR features our portlet container implementation technology preview.

          Nukes 1.1 RC3 features more modules and a new installer. Special thanks to jae and thomas which have given a lot of work on this release.

          You can download everything from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=22866&package_id=84509

          Release notes for DR

          Nukes 2.0 Developer Release.
          This release features JBoss Nukes Portal and its portlet container
          implementation which pass all the test of Portlet TCK.
          This is a developer release and the goal is to feature the portlet
          container which is the first step of the upcoming Nukes 2.0 release.
          The next versions will see more features and personnalization
          capabilities. Obviously popular Nukes 1.x modules will be ported to
          Nukes 2 Platform offering to the user an advanced portal.

          Changelog for 1.1

          from nukes-1.0
          - new modules in the release :
           - download module
           - news module
           - RSS module
          - core :
          - refactored NukesBuilder to build ComponentMetada and AttributeMetaData which are then translated into the component MBean interface.
          - renammed EntityParser -> HTML4_0CharacterEntityReferenceParser
          - added XML1_0CharacterEntityReferenceParser class which detects char sequence like A or A
          - modified the ToHTMLRenderer which now detects things like A and let them as is instead of producing A
          - modified the entity table to have two entity table, FULL=all the entities, BASIC=all the entities except gt,lt,amp,quot
          - changed semantic for getParameterAsBoolean(String,boolean) which was relying on the System property in Boolean.getBoolean
          - new database installer
          - bb forum :
           - indexing process improvements
           - seach engine improvements
           - once the results are sorted from the search use the good criteria to display them
           sorted page by paage
           - use DateField to get the date from the indexed document
           - added sorting search result by date
           - take in account the search for any term (OR) / search for all term (AND) in the forum search
           - lower value for the batch loading since hsqldb seems to have a recursive way to execute
           a prepared statement it causes a stack overflow error when it's too large
           - added repost command which allow an user with Edit privilege to repost a message
           (means resend a notification to forum watchers)
           - added patch which fix the "newest post" bug. Indeed the newest post was taken from all the
           post on the website instead of the ones from the designated topic
           - added security verifications on the watches. if the user is authed on the notifier forum
           send email otherwise perform a watch.remove() on the EJB tl avoid further notifications.
           The same is done when a user edit his watch list.
           - fixed reply bug in the forum : the command was getting a topic id and was looking for a post,
           so no such post was occuring
           - partially support URL like http://www.google.com in the bb code parser
          - news module :
           - fix NPE when doing anything w/ story via "preview" display
           - removed all calls to entity beans (uses the helper dao now)
           - added checks for required parameters
           - various template layout / consolidation refactorings
           - added a selected=selected on the submit news story and set the first element of the submit action as selected=selected
           - prevent topic with empty name to be created
           - fixed some security checks
           - fixed display bug, the topic text was displayed instead of the topic name in the topic admin
           - simplified some util method using string buffer whereas it was not mandatory
           - more refactoring (and still lots more to go) to improve and slim down code
           - collapsed AddStory, Comments, News, Topics, FormattedStory into NewsModule
           - extracting html into templates
           - fixes to allow everything to "click through"
           - removed unused variables
           - getStoryAuthor() now returns user login name
           - removed field validation from topic, now checked at higher level
           - added parameter to take initial topic state
           - remove dependency on RelatedEJB
          - html module :
           - added FileStatEJB which keep records of HTML module access statistics
           - added per page statistic in the HTML module. A ConcurrentHashMap keep
           tracks of access during an interval and a background thread process
           these statistics by creating FileStatEJB entities.
           - fixed the missed notification when a file was uploaded
           - factored file edition out of HtmlModule into plugins : FilePlugin,
           TextPlugin and LinkPlugin
           - added link concept between pages
           - Modified the HTML module to use an optional HTML editor made of javascript,
           when the text plugin is displayed the user must click on the launch button if
           he wants to mutate the <textarea> into an advanced GUI made in javascript.
           The GUI should work fine on IE 5.5 and above, Mozilla 1.3 and above.
           - fixed bug where file upload was not possible due to request parameter mismatch
          - index module :
           - added DocumentIterator helper class to fetch data from a datasource to be indexed
           - fixed the removeDocument operation and remove the updateDocument operation
           - improved the index module by adding the capability to stop an indexing process
          - user module :
           - Added subscription modes in the user modules, for now these are : DISABLED which
           means that visitors cannot subscribe and IMMEDIATE which means that when a visitor
           subscribes he's authorized to login immediatly. In the future it would be possible to
           add other modes like "need approval", "with email confirmation".

          • 2. 3763489
            Muga Nishizawa Newbie


            I edit an html page using the 'manage html' screen, and I type in some swedish characters such as å.ä or ö (hopefully these will be displayed correctly here) and submit the page. When I display the page again, the content is cut short directly after the last occurence of a swedish character.
            If the last sentence is "Hjärtligt välkomna" , then the output is just "Hjärtligt vä".
            I'm using nukes-1.1.0-rc3 built from source and using mysql, running on jboss-3.2.3, and I'm using keymap iso-8859-1. If I peek inside pn_content of the nuke_file table of the db, the html content looks almost alright

            "Hjärtligt välkomma"

            I expect that the swedish chars are stored in unicode which my xterm currently is unable show. At least the entire string is stored in the db.

            So, has anyone run into a similar problem with their international characters?
            If I type the html code for the characters (&auml and such) it works fine, but this is not ok for non-html-nerds to type.