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    MBeanProxy vs MBeanProxyExt

    Dimitris Andreadis Master

      It seems MBeanProxyExt is used mostly by the 'system' and 'server' modules, while MBeanProxy is used mostly in the 'jmx' module.

      On the other hand, there are many tests for the MBeanProxy one, but probably none for MBeanProxyExt.

      Do you know the motivation for having those 2 similar classes? I know the 'Ext' version is the one advertised for user usage.

        • 1. TypeMapping problem
          Adrian Brock Master

          Hello !

          During deployment of my webservice (JSE) a warning in the server log shows up stating there is a problem with my typemapping. I'm using JBoss 4.0.0RC2.
          The warning is:
          2004-09-14 09:20:02,628 WARN [org.jboss.webservice.deployment.TypeMappingDescription] Class not found: de.emediapark.lvsws.ArrayOfLVSDoSupplier
          The class LVSDoSupplier itself is correctly mapped as stated in the log
          several lines prior to this warning.
          There is a function getSuppliers() that returns LVSDoSupplier[] Array.
          This warning didnt't show up deploying the same web service under Tomcat/Axis wtihout JBoss.
          I wouldn't mind if i hadn't this annoying problem:
          Accessing the getSuppliers() function (viaPocketSOAP) from Windows NT4/VB everything is correct (the retruned array is filled with the right data), but on Win2000/XP the data in the returned array is empty although the correct number of array elements is contained. The function getSupplier() which returns a single LVSDoSupplier Object is OK on all platforms. The getSuppliers() function was ok on all platforms before switching to JBossWS.

          So I think i must start with the above mentioned warning.

          For completeness: here is my type mapping from ws4ee-deployment.xml


          TIA Gerhard