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    [ServiceModule] Registration is not done -> stop

    Jeroen Weelink Newbie

      I'm using JMX for one of the applications I'm currently developing. When deploying one of de JAR-files, I sometimes get this message (and sometimes not):

      [ServiceModule] Registration is not done -> stop

      I get this message in JBoss 4.0.1SP1 and JBoss 4.0.1RC1 (the only two versions I've used, I don't know about older versions) using JDK 1.4.

      When I undeploy the JAR and then redeploy, the registration succeeds. Since I can't find anything about this message on the Internet, and it is highly unlikely that I am the only one who gets this message, I probably am doing something wrong.

      Because the files used are quite large, it's no use giving you some example code. Could someone give me a pointer as to where I should look for this message (e.g. classfiles, documentation etc) and what it could mean? When I know more about this, I might give you an example as to why it goes wrong.