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      I made drag&drop and it's working. Hovewer I have a problem with dragindicator. It shows only as dotted line (green or red) and there is nothing inside. I would like to have indicator exactly as in demo (image+dragged object). I've tried to put sth into dragindicator tag, but nothing works.
      For example:

       <rich:dragIndicator id="indicator">
       <f:facet name="single">
       <h:outputText value="TEST" style="color: red; border: 3px solid blue;"></h:outputText>

      There is nothing in demo suggesting I need my own images, so I suspect those images indicating when I can drop are build in into RF?

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          I've isolated my code and it seems there are some requirements on placing dragindicator in page, but they aren't documented anywhere
          I dig through forum and i've found only:

          "empty box means the default indication. I.e. you did not point to your custom indicator correctly and the default appeared instead.
          Did you have a h:form or f:subview around the top htm:table ?"

          but I don't understand: should I have h:form or f:subview or I shouldn't?

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            When I place sth like this inside dragindicator tag:
            <f:facet name="single">...
            it works
            <f:facet name="accept">
            <f:facet name="reject">
            <f:facet name="default">
            doesn't work.
            Is it anywhere documented which facets are available?

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              ok I see there is only "single"
              There is also build-in makro {marker}.
              Are there any other macros predefines? Is anybody reading it? :)

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                ok it seems dragindicator cannot be inside a <h:form

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                  if you use dragIndicator inside a form you should use id like "formId:indicatorID" defined in dragSupport indicator attribute

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                    it works thx
                    i feel it should be documented somewhere