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    problem by modal panel reRender

    Dongyao Zhao Novice

      i create a navigation tree. when i right mouse click a node of the tree, it shall show a modal panel, in which is panelbar or dataTable. The node is linked with backing bean through actionListener. The problem is, the modal panel can not be rerendered. if i put those panelbar or dataTable in tabPanel, it works well.

      <rich:treeNode id="TreeNav_TreeNode2" type="DeviceNode" iconLeaf="#{item.iconPath}" icon="#{item.iconPath}" selectedClass="UnvisibleBox" >

      <a4j:commandLink value="" reRender="panelbar"
      <f:param name="devicePhysName" value="#{item.dataItem.physName}" />
      <h:outputText id="DeviceName" value="#{item.name}" >
      <!-- this panelbar is rerendered in a tabpanel -->

      <rich:contextMenu id="contextMenuId" event="oncontextmenu" attached="true" submitMode="none" >
      <rich:menuItem value="Show Property" submitMode="ajax"
      id="properties" actionListener="#{ctrl.deviceSelected}"
      reRender="panelbar" >
      <!-- problem by reRender, the panelbar is in modalpanel -->
      <a4j:support event="onclick" />
      <a4j:actionparam name="devicePhysName" value="#{item.dataItem.physName}" />