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    JBAS-2228: PropertyEditor service doesn't understand hot dep

    Adrian Brock Master


      I'd describe the lack of understanding of the context classloader as a bug.

      However, if the use envisioned will cause a memory leak
      for any hotdeployed class.

      PropertyEditorManager -> Your.ear class -> Your.ear classloader

      Better would be to do the registration in createService()
      with register(clazz, null) in destroyService()

      however that means it won't work properly since the MBean.setAttributes()
      are not a part of the dependency lifecycle. There is no way to make
      the setter invocations wait for the editor registration in create().

      It still needs a destroyService() with the register(clazz, null) unregistration
      regardless, if this MBean is going to be hotdeployed.