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    Updating the logging framework(JBAS-2412)

    Scott Stark Master

      I have a logging prototype for using the native jdk logging framework that uses handlers/formatters ported from the log4j codebase to provide something similar to the current log4j logging. Its checked into head common module under the org.jboss.logging.jdk package. The org.jboss.Main has been updated to install a custom jdk LogManager that bootstraps the configuration from the jdklogger.xml classpath resource to provide seamless integration with the jdk logger.

      Starting jboss with -ljdk triggers this behavior.

      Todos include:
      1. Add a Log4jService equivalent for the jdk logger
      2. Port additional log4j appenders. In general these cannot be in the common module as they carry additional dependencies, and the core logging in commons should be a minimal package around the consol and file appenders.