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    Is there a SAR Context? How can I get it?

    Eduardo Oliveira Newbie

      Hi JBoss friens!

      This is my first message in the forum, so sorry if I make some mistake...

      I´ve created a framework that contains a DatabaseFactory class.

      At this moment I already have two applications extending this framework and each one needs to access a specific DB.

      I´m using a MBean to start this applications and I would like to get a Context for each sar, and put the JNDI name into this Context, so the DatabaseFactory could get this JNDI Name when asked for create a Connection.

      I wouldn´t like to propagate the JNDI Name since the MBean to the DatabaseFactory, since there are multiple classes between the way, and I think it is not so elegant...

      So here I put my main question: Is there a SAR Context? How can I get it?

      I´m using JBOSS 3.2.6 and Java 1.4.18.

      Thank you so much!!!