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    Ajax-request action url

    Lars-Erik Lis Newbie


      Our company is evaluating whether JSF/RichFaces is a good choice for our production environment. We have stumbled upon some issues that concerns Ajax-requests and how these requests are sent. Our application is deployed inside another environment not controlled by us. This environment has these properties:
      - All traffic comes through their front servlet. The servlet filters all traffic and forwards a request based on some parameters on the request.
      - On the way out the data sent back isn't changed at all.

      We don't know these parameters on beforehand, these are created when a new session is started.
      So my questions are:
      How are the Ajax-requests built up?
      And more specifically, how is the URI that the Ajax-request is sent to built up?
      Can we override the JS function that creates the actionurl, so that we can insert parameters needed to reach our application through the front servlet?

      I would appreciate some help on this issue!


      Lars-Erik Lis