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    ManagedConnectionFactory security-domain value recreation

    Emanuel Muckenhuber Master

      WRT https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBAS-6796

      It seems that wrapping the security-domain in a ManagedObject does not seem to be the right way. At least from the console side the recreation of this value cannot be really done correctly, as there are not enough information available. Which means that the ManagedObject is not fully popluated.
      Using the ManagedObjectFactory on the console side also does not seem to make much sense, as they would depend on the SecurityMetaData class.

      A CompositeValue seems to make more sense here, as it's more robust and easier to handle than a ManagedObject.
      We can use a MetaMapper, which then can create the correct SecurityMetaData based on that.

      I think in general the use of a ManagedObject as a value should be avoided, as the recreation is quite complex without the ManagedObjectFactory and the real class.

      If this can also be done easily from the console side, then i would suggest that we change that. comments?