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    JBAS-6693 - Add deployExploded argument to DeploymentManager

    Emanuel Muckenhuber Master

      WRT: https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBAS-6693

      We might want to add a notion of DeploymentOptions to the DeploymentManager instead of just a boolean argument like:

       DeploymentProgress distribute(String name, URL contentURL, DeploymentOption... options);

      I would prefer this, as Ian also once pointed out that things like FailIfExists should also be possible to be specified when deploying an application.
      Basically i see this more as an optional option, as a Profile or DeploymentRepository might not support all options.

      One thing i'm not really sure is if using the distribute(String name, URL contentURL, DeploymentOption... options) implies copyContent == true?
      As e.g. ExplodeDeployment would only be available for copyContent = true.

      A DeploymentOption would be a simple enumeration like:

      public enum DeploymentOption
       FailIfExists, ExplodeDeployment

      On the DeploymentRepository side we would need to add a additional parameter to the addDeploymentContent like:

      String addDeploymentContent(String name, InputStream contentIS, DeploymentOption... options)

      I don't really like this, as the profileservice-spi should not really depend on the API from the DeploymentManager. Although it might be ok for 5.x and we'll review that for AS6 again?