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    Management of user deployment objects

    Jesper Pedersen Master

      Here is an use-case for management of user deployment objects.

      In a JCA resource adapter the administrator has the ability to set the configuration properties of certain objects - like the resource adapter object f.ex:


      There should be way / an API - to expose these configuration properties through the management layer, such they can be altered at run-time.

      The JBoss specific metadata file for the deployment could then contain functionality to mark these properties as read-only, read-write or hidden.

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          Emanuel Muckenhuber Master

          when you are talking about <config-property /> i guess this refers to the List in the MCFDMD right?

          This should be exposed as a collection of CompositeValue (which is basically a restricted Map) - this should be generated by default. The only thing which should be added is a @CompositeKey annotation on the getName() to declare this as index.

          Maybe it should even be a TableValue, since this could simplify looking up values in a unit tests. I can look into providing a MetaMapper for this at one point. Although the default format should work for the console as well.

          Looking at the way it's done atm does not make much sense and basically hacks itself. There were some discussions before to expose this in a different way, since the console could handle a compositeType better.

          In case you want to try that out you would need to annotate the MCFDMD with @ManagedObject and use the ManagedObjectFactory to initialize the ManagedObject. We are also going to provide a xml meta data format to describe ManagedObjects/Components - so that you don't necessarily need to depend on jboss-man.