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    Start Integrated Tomcat with Jboss Server

    Kiran Bajaj Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am in a deep trouble . I am doing a project based on ejb technology.

      i have downloaded jboss-3.0.4_tomcat-4.1.12.zip from jboss.org (this site only).

      I have designed my ejb component correctly which gets successfully deployed by jboss server. I have tried
      to execute the client in console mode(command line) and the client is working correctly and i am getting the desired result.

      But the project requires a web application and therefore i have written the client using jsp.

      Now to execute the jsp pages i want to use the tomcat that comes with the jboss server.

      But the problem is :

      The tomcat server is not getting started alongwith the jboss server.
      After starting the jboss server, if i type the url http://localhost:8080 in the browser, it gives me 'Context not configured' error.

      So solve this, i tried to manually start the tomcat server. After that i start the jboss server. Because the tomcat is already bound to port 8080, when jboss tries to start the embedded catalina, it gives 'JVM_BIND ERROR : Port already in use' exception.

      Due to this my client does not execute correctly.

      I have made the required changes in the server.xml in the conf directory of tomcat4.1.x . I need to use tomcat for executing my jsp pages only.

      I think my problem will get solved if and only if tomcat gets started as soon as the jboss starts.

      If u have any solutions for my problem, please mail on kiran1080@rediffmail.com

      if u think that any xml file has been configured incorrectly, then please send the xml file with necessar correction/suggestions.

      Looking forward for earliest response.