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    how to deploy servlet on jboss3.0.6?

    Frankie Newbie

      i read many documentation and examples, and still couldn't figure out how to run servlet on jboss3.0.6(with tomcat integrated)... here is what i know:

      1) i created an ear file called example.ear and put it into .../default/deploy/ directory

      2) inside this ear file, i have a war file called example.war. there is a HelloWorld.class file under web-inf directory in example.war. HelloWorld.class is the servlet i wanna run.

      3) in the browser, i tried to go to http://localhost:8080/example/servlet/HelloWorld, but it said "The requested resource (/example2/servlet/HelloWorld) is not available."

      does anyone know what happened.. i have all the required xml files like web.xml and application.xml in the right place... if anyone has some example u can show me, it will be appreciated.