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    DefualtContext and Reverse Proxies

    Tim Newbie

      I have an Apache Reverse Proxy that is used map back to the multiple application servers, one of which is JBoss 3.2.1 w/ Tomcat 4.1.24.

      The Problem that I am having is that, if I create a alias that maps directly to the application server like,
      /alias/ --> http://appserver:port/
      Then using the url "http://reverseproxy/alias/appname, to access the application.
      The application is unable to read the jsessionid that it sets, because it gets set in the header as "context=/appname"

      So if I change the mapping on the reverse proxy to /appname --> http://appserver:port/appname it works fine.

      I know this is the default way that Tomcat sets the session context header. But is it possible to change the set-cookie context to "context=/" or "context=/alias/appname"

      I require the aliases to map back to the appserver so that I can group my applications together and do not have to always use top level directory name for new applications.

      If anyone has an Ideas on how to get this to work I would appreciate it.