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    Automatic reloading of web classes (servlets, etc)

    Christian Lauer Newbie


      I have a question regarding classloading and hot deployment of web archives within JBoss and JBoss Web. At the moment we are deploying our applications as exploded archives with a structure like this:

      + server

      Whenever we want to hot deploy a single servlet class, we are copying the classes or libraries to their destination directories in this structure. I've found out that nothing happend until the application.xml in the ear's META-INF directory has been touched. This makes JBoss redeploy everything - libraries EJBs, SARs and finally the web archive, which kills all existing HTTP sessions and makes a developers live hard, because the only thing i wanted to do is to redeploy one single servlet class and test my change, but so I have to wait until the redeployment of the complete application has finished, after that i have to waste more time to log in and to reach my desired session state again. For example on BEA WebLogic server every class that is deployed in the web archive is automatically reloaded when it changes. Does anybody know a way how to configure the application for JBoss to reach the desired behaviour?

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