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    Tomcat 5.0 integration/JSR 045

    abhijit_deb Newbie

      Have any one tested JBoss 3.x with Tomcat 5.0? Is it in the horizon? I am particularly interested in implementation of JSR 045 which is there in Tomcat 5.0.
      Any help will be appreciated.

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          Remy Maucherat Novice

          If you get the 3.2 branch from CVS, a SAR containing the latest TC 5 binary (5.0.9 right now) will be built in the "tomcat" module (be careful when installing it, though, you also have to replace the servlet.jar that JB uses with the new APIs JARs). Maybe this SAR will be made available as a separate d/l. Tomcat 4.1.x will remain the default in JB 3.2, however.