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    Multiple Jetty instances within single JBoss container

    briangoetz Newbie

      We are running JBoss 3.0.7. We have multiple servlets we want to deploy. For security, we'd like to separate servlets for use by external users from servlets for use by internal users by putting them on separate ports. (Then we can block all requests to the internal port at the firewall.)

      I can't simply add multiple listeners to my jbossweb-service.xml, since I think that means that web-apps loaded by the standard WarDeployer will be visible on all of the ports. So what I think I have to do is create multiple jbossweb instances, by cloning jbossweb-service.xml and having a different service name and port number. Easy enough.

      The question is, what do I do to make certain WAR files deploy to one instance and others to another? I know I can specify a virtual-host name in jboss-web.xml, but I don't think that will do it.

      Can I specify different deployment directories for each instance in the jbossweb-service.xml, so I can simply segregate the war files into two different deployment directories? If so, how?