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    "null" display in textboxes and textarea.

    Mallikarjuna Budur Newbie

      Hello all,

      i have a application which is already developed in weblogic and which is working fine. when i deploy this application in JBoss 3.2.3 application server and started using, i'm facing following problem.

      1. I have few fields in JSP (i.e. TextArea, TextBox, and Select-Options) when i'm not enetering any thing in few fields and say submit the Data is storing in Database and control will be transferred to next page where all the entered Data is a readonly data, there in few fields where data is not entered is printed as "null".

      2. Also there is one more screen which is used to locate pr search a record from a group of records, this page will provide many fields which makes serach very narrow, my problem is when i'm not entering all the search critera fields and press search button, if this search fails, then control will be transferred to same locate screen, but other non enterd fields will contain "null" in it.

      please Tell me what might be the reason for this "null"

      is there any precaution we need to take before displaying these variables.

      Thanks in advance friends.

      Have a nice day.