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    HttpException(400,Bad Request,Missing Content) when posting

    dehussler Newbie


      Today i have been breaking my head, why my application didnt stored my input. I wanted to save a string of about 80.000 characters, and my database allows a lot more, so that could be the problem. Even my application log was quite clean.

      But then i stopped my JBoss service (yes i serviced it) and restarted it from the commandline to get a nice window with debug info. There i noticed that when i was posting a large string such as i just mentioned, jbossweb printed an error. The error was like this:

      15:19:31,829 WARN [jbossweb] WARNING: POST /folder/file.jsp
      HTTP/1.1 HttpException(400,Bad Request,Missing Content)

      When i do the same with a smaller string, i dont have any problem. But the thing is, that in my client, i dont get any error that something went wrong, but just a message that everything went fine (wich is not really the case here).

      I dont know how to fix this problem, and my thought is that its limited in the request size it allows. If anyone knows a solution, or maybe a workaround for the time, i would really appreciate. Any hints and tips are more then welcome.