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    ROOT.war location

    Eric Molitor Newbie

      Dug around on the JBossWeb (this) forum (searching for ROOT.war) but didn't find anything more detailed.

      What's the rational with putting ROOT.war in the jbossweb-*.sar exploded SAR? From a packaging point of view I guess its makes sense (guarantees its only deployed if the tomcat service is installed, etc), however from a deployment/user point of view it seems that this would be more appropriate to be in default (where all user deployable wars would go.)

      Possibly its done to deliniate the built in WAR from the user deployed WARS, however if this rational applies then whats with all the built in SAR's in deploy? etc, etc, etc...

      My opinion (of debatable merit) is that if this were moved to the deploy directory it would be more intuitive to end users. (Or is there a massive assumption that's missing why ROOT.war is in the jbossweb exploded SAR)

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          Anil Saldanha Master

          A Sar file can contain jars, wars etc. JBoss has integrated tomcat with its own sar file. Why should the ROOT.war be outside this sar file? If you want to remove tomcat, just remove this sar file.

          I think you should do more digging into documentation about what a SAR is, what exploded archives mean etc..... If you already know them, I apologize.

          Bottom line: It is far better for a service to contain all the configuration/apps etc within, than have them scattered around.

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            Scott Stark Master

            There is no strong argument for the ROOT.war being in the sar other than its integrating with some of the tomcat content. The downside is that if you want to override the root context deployment it can be confusing where the existing root context war is coming from.

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              Eric Molitor Newbie

              I'm aware of what a SAR is and can contain (no apology needed, I wasn't as clear as I could have been.) The reason I bring it up is that conceptually the ROOT.war should work under JETTY, Tomcat, Resin, or just about any other servlet container that is used. And it seems like if it were under deploy fewer users would be confused by it. (Albeit there is a strong argument to just RTFM and figure it out.) Just my two cents.

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                Eric Molitor Newbie

                True, I forgot that ROOT.war references the Tomcat status servlet.