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    Digging under the servlet api - howto help

    Brian Parkinson Newbie


      Just new to JBoss, and loving it, especially RichFaces, which is really tops.

      We have a related project, and I'd like to host this app in JBoss as well, but wondering about how to implement. There is a device (which we are building) which needs to open an HTTPs session to the proposed app in JBoss - the intention is to keep the connection open, and send/receive XML packets across this connection.

      So, we can't use the servlet api, as the outputStream will be flushed and can be cleaned up after a response - we need to keep a reference to the input and output streams and manage ourselves.

      Thus, I think we need to get under the Servlet API layer, and take more control over the connection.

      Can anyone point me to where in JBoss this gets handled?

      A simple example would be awesome, but even just a quick blurb and pointers into the classes within JBoss that we'd need to be aware of will greatly help.

      Many thanks - appreciated.