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    why donot the session bean find the database.xml ?

    IPOz Newbie

      hi,friends The following code snippet worked fine when i put database.xml in $RESIN_HOME,however it failed when i move the database.xml into WEB-INF/
      .... public class HelloBean extends com.caucho.ejb.AbstractSessionBean {
      private JDO jdo;
      private Database db;
      private PrintWriter log = new Logger( System.out ).setPrefix( "test" );
      public void ejbCreate() {
      try {
      jdo = new JDO();
      jdo.setClassLoader( getClass().getClassLoader() );
      jdo.setLogWriter( log );
      jdo.setDatabaseName( "test" );

      db = jdo.getDatabase();
      catch(Exception e) { }
      } ...

      because database.xml should stay with web app of its own,how can i fix it ?