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    PLEASE SOMEONE! How can I make CMP2.0 use existing foreign k

    bikerbiker Newbie

      Hi all yo,
      My problem is, that when my app is going to perform first calling over entity bean, MySQL throws sqlException : Column blabla defined twice.
      blabla means existing FK column in DB

      The current entity beans are using CMR of <foreign-key-mapping> type (one2many), where in "key-filds" element is in "column-name" specified name of !!existing FK column in DB! !

      I believe that <foreign-key-mapping> relation type is after first deployment of EJB trying to alter table with adding the column of type corresponding to the preceding field specified by<field-name> in <key-fields>.

      I would like to know how can I disable this function like it is possible in <relation-table> type mapping CMR,where you can make CMP2.0 use existing relation table.

      Possible solutions? :
      1)is there any secret XML clause something like

      2)JBoss must somewhere persist information about first altering db table?It could be manualy rewritable?

      3)Is the fuck JBoss able to make Entity EJB tier over existing DB application? (Using CMRs)