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    CMR relation problem

    Robert de Lorimier Newbie

      Windows 2000
      Mysql 4.0.12
      java 1.3.1_03
      xdoclet 1.1.2

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          Robert de Lorimier Newbie

          I sent the files with me finishing what I want to say.

          I have found that there is a relation dug in jboss.

          I have a relation between the two objects reservation, "ship-cabin" and another relationship between one of the same objects, "reservation-cabin". The ship-cabin and reservation work fine by themselves, but if I create and relationship with a Ship and Cabin object and then create a relationship between the Reservation and Cabin object, the ship-cabin relationship is lost. This can be shown in the Client_84f_All_relations_jboss.jsp file when it is run. Any cabins associated with a reservation lose their ship relationship.

          I am sending the mysql schema too. The DB name should be jbossdb on localhost.