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    What happens when a business method throws EJBException?

    mutilin Newbie

      My component has a business method that throws EJBException in some cases.
      At first, I invoke this method and it throws ServerException and it should throw it.
      Then, I invoke this method when it shouldn't throw exception, but it throws ServerException again (it says: "could not activate instance, error reading xxx.ser", or something of that kind).
      I think that JBoss removes instance of the component that throws EJBException, but why? Is it J2EE compiliant?
      (I use "Titan" example from O'Reilly JBoss 3.0 Workbook
      and I invoke bookPassage() method of TravelAgent component when expiration date of the credit card has been passed.
      Then I invoke bookPassage with a valid credit card, but it throws an exception again)