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    what's wrong with the LIMIT PARAMETER in dynamic ql

    godspeedwang Newbie

      when I used LIMIT and OFFSET parameter in my ejbselect , the excution of select is quiet slowly
      the dynamic ql looks like:

      select Object(g) from Account g ORDER BY g.id OFFSET ?1 LIMIT ?2"

      My JBOSS is 3.2 version

      In version 3.0.7 I also had made some modification about "JDBCAbstractQueryCommand.java" to fufill the
      function of "LIMIT" AND "OFFSET". It perform better than that in jboss 3.2.

      By my test, in the "JDBCAbstractQueryCommand.java" of 3.2 . the time is mainly cost by get "resultset", I mean It will cost a lot of time when preparestatement excuted the query. In 3.0.7 ,It only cost a little time. Does any body
      can give me some resonable explaination. I have attached my modification file in 3.0.7. It is almost same as the form in 3.2.

      thanks in advance.

      by the way: in the account table, there are more than
      30000 rows,I have indexed the id column