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    Rebecca Scully Newbie


      I have two different projects deployed in JBoss and I have an two EJBs with the same name (one in each project) but pointing to different tables in different databases.

      I tried differing their jndi-names by setting one of them to ejb/User and the other to ejb/project2/User and then referencing them in the session beans with ejb-ref set to User and ref-name to ejb/User and ejb/project2/User respectively.

      My compile is successful with my code for project2 like this but when I run it I get a run-time error indicating that the session bean is not bound.

      I have checked the log to make sure the ejb was deployed successfully and there are no errors there. I have also checked the console and the session bean is there.

      Can this not be done or am I doing this incorrectly?