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    Map Persistent EJB fields to Database Table Fields

    George Berish Novice

      I am deploying my first entity EJB but cannot figure out how how to map EJB persistent fileds to database table fields.

      It is the cabin EJB from O'Reilly's EJB text book. But he says use a GUI tool which I don't have.

      My JBoss is a virtual private server at eApps.com.

      My servlets can get a JDBC connection to create and manipulate MySql tables on the server.

      My local Java application can get a Context from the server with InitialContext(), so I am pretty sure I will be able to find cabinHomeRemote once I get the cabin EJB deployed.

      I just need to figure out what to deploy with my EJB to do the mapping.

      I think I read it is a jaws.xml added to META-INF, but how to use that dtd was not intuitively obvious from the dtd definintion I downloaded.

      I think I also read JBoss might automatically map simple fileds, but I'd still like to override that just to konw how its done.

      Can anyone help or point me to something I can read with sample code that actually does this?