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    who can help me about how to fix a bug?

    yan zijian Newbie

      can you help me?
      I am working for clearing bug [608729 ] Deployment fails if no env-entry-value. And I almost corrected that bug, but i still have some question to ask. Can you take a moment to see bug #608729? It's meaning is about that env-entry-value tag is optional in dtd, but when deploying a sessionbean without defining env-entry-value but dedined env-entry-name and env-entry-type, jboss will throw deploymentexception.
      now, i can fix this error, make the result as when env-entry-type equals java.lang.String, i can put a default String object in jndi context through new String(), but if the env-entry-type equals to java.lang.Double or some other as java.lang.Integer, i can't generate a default Double object without a init value, should i generate a default double object with default value zero(0)? Now I can't make a decide, can you help me? or tell me that who is responsible for this bug? I can communicate with than man.

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          Stjepan Brbot Newbie

          Indeed, according to EJB 2.0 DTD:

          <!ELEMENT env-entry (description?, env-entry-name, env-entry-type, env-entry-value?)>

          env-entry-name and env-entry-type are mandatory fields of env-entry tag but env-entry-value is optional. It means that you can create a deployment descriptor file and it will be correctly validated by all XML parsers (SAX). So your question is hwether JBoss has its own additional constraints about these XML values of env-entry tag?