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    jdbc2.StoreManager2 and key-generators

    Jesper Pedersen Master

      I'm investigating the migration of one of our applications to the 'cmp2.x jdbc2 pm' configuration.

      One issue that I've found is that currently all key-generators (jdbc.keygen) doesn't implement the jdbc2.CreateCommand interface and therefore can't be used together with the StoreManager2 implementation.

      I see three possible solutions to this:

      1) Define a common interface that both StoreManager's can use and port the existing key generators to that interface

      2) Create a jdbc2.keygen package that implements key generators for all databases and define them in standardjboss.xml under new names.

      3) Let the existing key generators implement CreateCommand and bridge the new methods internally in each class.

      Since the interface for jdbc.StoreManager and jdbc2.StoreManager2 are very different I see 2) as best solution currently until a common interface for store managers have been defined. I know it is not a pretty solution, but it will work without messing with existing code.

      Comments, thoughts, ideas ?