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    TODO: Transaction Inflow XID

    Adrian Brock Master

      HashMaps. I'm going to try that first. I just found ResourceAdapterObjectModelFactory after looking through SimpleSubDeployerSupport. I don't know why I didn't see this earlier.

      I'm going to start experimenting with putting the metadata from ResourceAdapterObjectModelFactory into some sort of repository, and organizing it in a way that makes sense, so it can be reused later. I'm not committing anything, although I'm not even sure I have commit access.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Right. That makes sense. It doesn't matter what the XML looks like as long as the metadata accurately describes the configuration options. XML is just a store of that.

          Is there a preferred JMX operation:

          "There should be an option to create
          ConnectionFactories/DataSources by
          passing the meta data object on a JMX operation."

          Does the MBean already exist or will it be a completely new MBean? I'll check out what MBeans exist for JCA currently.