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    Testing JCA


      Okay, I got a barebones JBoss running inside a JUnit test and I set up a NoTxConnectionManager programmatically, and am requesting a connection from the connectionfactory.

      I noticed the tests you mentioned in the CVS tree, and maybe someone has already done this, but I'd like to create a test harness to do some testing of a JCA adapter, sort of "in-container", yet still black-box. That way, I could test my adapter and make sure all the connection counts are right, etc.

      Would this be of help to you? I know you guys already have a testing framework and I don't want to step on that, but I am sort of interested it trying to treat JBoss as a "lightweight container." We can't let Spring, etc. get all the good press can we? ;)

      Anyways, I'm sort of rambling. Take care,

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          Adrian Brock Master

          I'm currently working on that very thing, the roadmap is:

          1) Document what we have.
          2) Release it as a standalone project
          3) Make improvements
          4) Repeat

          The improvements include removing the jmx requirement so the component bus can
          be pluggable a implementation, e.g. an aop/ioc container.

          But this is not the correct forum for this.