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    JBAS-1429 ReAuthentication Support

    Weston M. Price Master

      I have been working on this, and am at the point where I need to start testing...that's where the problem comes in :-)

      Hypersonic doesn't support changing the user identity of a connection and since this is our default, using HyperSonic for this isn't really adequate. While I can mock something up to test the mechanisms which the underlying identity changes, we need some specific JCBC vendor testsuite to really test the conditions against valid RDMBS installations.

      This would actually be useful for a few things

      StaleConnectionChecker (for 4.0.6)

      Further, we really need something like this for our JMS integration strategies with varying providers (notably WebSphereMQ).

      Have we ever done, thought about, anything like this beyond the installations in the labs for specific support issues?