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    Mock JMS Provider

    Weston M. Price Master

      I am nearing completion on the first 'rough' pass of a MockJMS framework that allows exercising the JMS/JCA adapter outside of the application server. The fundamentals are working and I can send messages, test DLQ handling and simulate provider failures without having to deploy anything to the application server. While this is not end to end testing, I believe it does provide a decent framework for excercising the fundamental purposes of the inflow adapter:

      Provider connectivity
      SeverSession/Pool management
      before/onMessage/after delivery semantics
      Correct tranasaction enlistment based on transacted/non-transacted delivery

      While most of the code is stubbed out, the necessary functions to get a basic working model are implemented. The trickiest part was extending JmsActivation and the DLQQueueHandler to override looking up the administrative objects from a real JNDI tree rather than simple instantiation.

      This is not a mechanism to test JMS provider functionality. We have that pretty well covered in the rest of the testsuite.