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    Weston M. Price Master

      I am hesitant to see this as being required. ResourceExceptions are not, by nature, transient. We already cover the case of a connection attempt failing for validation or other reasons. The ResourceException itself is only thrown during catastrophic failure from which there is probably no possiblity of recovery. Could you please comment on what you believe to be a recoverable in this case.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          We only currently cover the case where a previous connection in the pool is invalid.

          We don't cover the following cases:

          * Somebody bounces the database server (or whatever the backend is)
          making it unavailable for a few seconds, the pool will be drained of previous
          connections (they are invalid) but then fail immediately to create a new one.

          * The error is not raised by the pooling but by something in front of it
          i.e. something in the connection manager causes the transient failure

          1) The original example is where the pool is flushed which causes a small
          "window of opportunity" where a request is going through to the old subpool
          that is being shutdown, rather than to the new subpool.
          2) Other things in the connection manager like a transient failure in the
          security login module that creates the subject

          If you are really worried about only doing this for transient failures
          we could create a subclass of ResourceException, e.g. TransientResourceException
          and then have the places we think can be retried throw this exception,
          * pool exhausted
          * subpool shutdown
          * etc.

          We would then only do the retries for a TransientResourceException

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            Jesper Pedersen Master

            Adrian, were you thinking about doing the allocate-retry / allocate-retry-wait-millis pair per XXX-datasource and thereby putting the configuration in jboss_ds_5_0.dtd or something else ?