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      Related to this:

      Please make sure if you add new configuration you:

      1) Describe it in the dtd
      2) If it is a ManagedConnectionFactory property the ra.xml is updated
      3) The WIKI is updated to at least give a basic notification that the configuration
      is available and in what version it was introduced.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Also, don't just do it in the latest production release.
          Anything not also ported to TRUNK will be lost.

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            Adrian Brock Master

            I've pretty much got the connector project up-to-date with the latest
            changes/fixes from jboss-4.2

            The exceptions are mail and quartz rars, but these look to be because
            there is more in JBoss5. Not knowing these rars I don't know if it is really true.

            Obviously some of it is different since jboss 5 has extra features and a different
            deployment mechanism.

            Let's try to keep it more in sync in future. I'm fed up of resynching branches every 6 months
            because others are too lazy. :-(