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    Tests failing in JBoss Head

    Adrian Brock Master

      Some of the jca tests are failing in JBoss Head.

      All the tests pass in JBoss4 (some of them I recently copied from JBoss4
      to JBoss5 so I know they are the same).

      I fixed some of them by the change in the other post to fix the deployment metadata.

      I think some of the tests are failing just because they need more time
      so there maybe a regression in performance somewhere?

      I have my doubts looking at some of the code whether JBoss5 is up-to-date
      compared with the changes that have been done in JBoss4.

      I know JBoss5 has some features that are not in JBoss4 and some of it
      might be implemented differently so it is difficult to just do a straight diff.

      e.g. a diff of TxConnectionManager shows

      < xaResource = JcaXAResourceWrapperFactory.getResourceWrapper(mc.getXAResource(), isSameRMOverrideValue);
      > if(wrapXAResource)
      > {
      > log.trace("Generating XAResourceWrapper for TxConnectionManager" + this);
      > xaResource = new XAResourceWrapper(isSameRMOverrideValue, padXid, mc.getXAResource());
      > }
      > else
      > {
      > log.trace("Not wrapping XAResource.");
      > xaResource = mc.getXAResource();
      > }

      Is this something not ported or just something implemented differently?