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    ManagedConnection AND ConnectionEventListener relationship i

    Vicky Kak Master

      After going though the JCA specs I could make that there is one-one relationship between ConnectionEventListener AND ManagedConnection.
      In the BaseWrapperManagedConnection I can see

      private final Collection cels = new ArrayList();

      The closeHandle(Object) in the BaseWrapperManagedConnection has
       copy = new ArrayList(cels);
       for (Iterator i = copy.iterator(); i.hasNext(); )
       ConnectionEventListener cel = (ConnectionEventListener)i.next();

      which could have been replaced by

      if we have this
      private final Collection cels = new ArrayList();

      replaced by
      private ConnectionEventListener cel ;

      I am not able to understand why we have ConnectionEventListener associated with ManagedConnection stored as ArrayList as I expect this ArrayList will always have single CEL.