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    The current implementation of the JCA deployers is broken

    Adrian Brock Master

      I"m going to get around to fixing these eventually once I've got the testsuite in
      a reasonable state and I've fixed the ejb/war/ear deployment.

      If somebody wants to work on this before then that's ok with me

      1) The maintainance of the RAR MetaDataRepository is completely wrong.
      It shouldn't be in the parsing deployer and currently there is no remove.

      2) The metadata should not depend upon implementation details, e.g. wrong!

      [ejort@warjort mcf]$ grep -ri system *
      ManagedConnectionFactoryDeploymentGroup.java:import org.jboss.system.metadata.ServiceMetaData;
      ManagedConnectionFactoryDeploymentMetaData.java:import org.jboss.system.metadata.ServiceMetaData;
      ServiceMetaDataAdapter.java:import org.jboss.system.metadata.ServiceMetaData;
      ServiceMetaDataAdapter.java:import org.jboss.system.metadata.ServiceMetaDataParser;

      The translation to implementation details (MBeans or POJOs) is the responsbility
      of the deployment layer not the metadata which is potentially a client side model.

      3) The current metadata is way too complicated. Currently to add a parameter
      you have to modify far too many things.
      * ra.xml
      * dtd
      * metadata
      * builder
      * programmatic managed object
      * etc.

      4) The rar deployer should be parsing the jboss-ra.xml

      5) The managed object stuff is completely wrong. You should just be
      able to annotate the classes. There's all sorts of stuff in there that should be
      in the profile service not JCA

      6) The templating stuff needs to moved out of the profile service into the managed
      project. JCA should just depend upon jboss-managed not the profile service
      (and even then only the annotations).

      7) The reworking of the MCF deployment means many of the JMX operations
      have "vanished".

      8) There's all sorts of cruft lying around from the old deployment model that needs cleaning up

      9) The metadata models should be moved to the jboss-metadata project
      and unified with it where there is overlap

      10) The deployments need to be converted to be POJOs rather than MBeans.

      11) There needs to more thorough testing of the new deployers and metadata.
      I keep finding broken things that the testsuite is not showing up.