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    Proposal of new JCAMetaDataRepository (use JBoss-MDR project

    Jeff Zhang Newbie

      public interface JCAMetaDataRepository
      MutableMetaDataRepository getMetaDataRepository();

      public void addConnectorMetaData(String name, ConnectorMetaData cmd);

      public ConnectorMetaData getConnectorMetaData(String name);

      public void removeConnectorMetaData(String name);

      public void addManagedConnectionFactoryDeploymentGroup(String name, ManagedConnectionFactoryDeploymentGroup group);

      public ManagedConnectionFactoryDeploymentGroup getManagedConnectionFactoryDeploymentGroup(String name);

      public void removeManagedConnectionFactoryDeploymentGroup(String name);

      public int getConnectorMetaDataCount();

      public int getManagedConnectionFactoryCount();


      1. add getMetaDataRepository(), basic idea is use JBoss-mdr project instead of old ConcurrentHashMap.
      2. remove AdminObject and ActivationSpec add/get method since no other code use them
      3. remove FormatterClassName method, since it is just about formatter, maybe format by other class.
      4. remove JCAConnectorMetaDataEntry/Key and JCADeploymentMetaDataEntry class since we use mdr project.

      5. will add ScopeInfo. (still thinking)

      Any suggestion?