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    JOTM (java Open Transaction Manager) 1.2 released

    Jeff Mesnil Master

      I think it might of some interest for JBoss developpers...

      ObjectWeb[1] Consortium annouced today the release of JOTM 1.2.
      JOTM[2] (Java Open Transaction Manager) is the transaction manager of JOnAS, an open source J2EE server, which was extracted to be reused by other projects.
      JOTM is a relatively small project by its line number but a very big one given the importance of transactions in distributed systems.

      JOTM provides:
      o a full standalone transaction manager implementing JTA (Java Transaction API) and supporting local and distributed transactions
      o support for both RMI/JRMP and RMI/IIOP

      Its distribution comes with:
      o JDBC example to provide transaction access to database
      o JMS example for transactional messaging
      o documentation on installation and examples

      A test suite is also available to test its JTA compliance.
      A BTP (Business Transaction Protocol) implementation is downloadable as well as an example of transactional web services (classical hotel/airline registration).

      Work is in progress to integrate JOTM to Jetty to provide transaction support for Servlets.

      JOTM goal is to develop a transaction manager which can be integrated in a wide range of applications (EJB or Servlets containers, Java application, Web Services,...) to provide full distributed transaction support.

      If some developers are interested to integrate JOTM to JBoss, do not hesitate to send a mail to jotm mailing list, we'll be pleased to help. I've also written an howto[3] about integration of JOTM in other projects, it might be helpful...


      [1] http://www.objectweb.org
      [2] http://www.objectweb.org/jotm/
      [3] http://www.objectweb.org/jotm/current/jotm/doc/howto-integrate-jotm.html