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    Modal Panels positioning with 3.1.4

    Ben Sweeney Newbie

      I can't tell if this is a bug or another issue. But when I upgraded to the newest release of RichFaces. All of the modal panels that were displayed with auto set for left and top, were displaying to the right/bottom side of the screen. This issue only comes up in IE6, but renders fine in FF. I haven't tested it in IE7.

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          Ben Sweeney Newbie

          Basically what I'm asking is if anyone else experienced a similar change when switching to the newest version.

          Or for those people in the know. With the upgrade to 3.1.4 were the methods for detecting the viewable area altered? Specifically for when properties top="auto" and left="auto" are set. Because now since all modal panels aren't rendering themselves in the center of the screen, I'm forced to position all modal panels absolutely ie top="100" left ="200".

          This creates further havoc if screen resolution is set down low, making the modal panel render off screen. For those who are familiar with the modal panel this seems to create an infinite scrolling situation in which you cannot view any of the modal panel that is rendered off screen.

          I was running Richfaces version 3.1.0 previous to the update to 3.1.4 in which the modal panel was rendering properly in the middle of the browser screen.

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            Javier Gamarra Newbie

            I'm suffering the same issue, I was running Richfaces 3.1.2 and i switched to 3.1.4. Now all modal panels render fine in Firefox but not in IE 6 & 7 & Opera.

            They appear randomly, usually in the right side of the screen, sometimes outside the screen. I can't use absolute positioning, Anyone can help?