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    Maybe A bug in Jboss 3.2: TxManager.java

    qiujie Newbie

      * Import a transaction propagation context into this TM.
      * The TPC is loosely typed, as we may (at a later time) want to
      * import TPCs that come from other transaction domains without
      * offloading the conversion to the client.
      * @param tpc The transaction propagation context that we want to
      * import into this TM. Currently this is an instance
      * of GlobalId. At some later time this may be an instance
      * of a transaction propagation context from another
      * transaction domain like
      * org.omg.CosTransactions.PropagationContext.
      * @return A transaction representing this transaction propagation
      * context, or null if this TPC cannot be imported.
      public Transaction importTransactionPropagationContext(Object tpc)
      if (tpc instanceof GlobalId)
      GlobalId id = (GlobalId) tpc;
      return (Transaction) globalIdTx.get(id);

      log.warn("Cannot import transaction propagation context: " + tpc);
      return null;
      In above codes, the line of "globalIdTx.get(id)" has been used to get a Transaction, NOT specified action "importing a transaction propagation context into this TM".

      But I found another implementation of "importTransactionPropagationContext" in TyrexTransactionPropagationContextManager.java. So I guess that the implementation in TxManager.java does not work/be used at all.

      Am I right?

      Because my job focuses on WS-Transaction, I want to leverage the implemention of JTA in jboss to achieve "Transaction Context Propagation". If you've some comments/hints, you could send them to me any time. Your replies will be greatly appreciated.

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