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    Use of  Jotm in Jboss.

    Jesus Alberto Paz Jimenez Newbie

      I have developed the necessary classes to use Jotm as a transaction manager in Jboss. I only performed some simple test involving two Jboss servers. The tests included some error conditions to see the correct propagation of rollback between the servers.
      When I developed this classes I was thinking on using it with two or
      more Jboss servers. I wasn't think in an scenery with different transaction managers. But I realized that perhaps its necessary to modify JotmTransactionPropagationContextImporter to work with other transaction propagation contexts.
      I have implemented this module for Jboss 3.x, but when I tried to make it run with Jboss 4.x, I noticed that I need to implement a new interface JBossXATerminator.
      Jboss' JCA WorkManager implementation delegates the association between works and transactions to the transaction manager, making necessary to adapt any transaction manager to be used with JBoss. I think that I've find the way to implement this in the MBean for Jotm. I have separated the association of works and transactions in a new class, but is still needed a small modification in Jotm code, to be able to release the transaction associated with the current thread without the need of ending the transaction. My knowledge of JCA is limited, and I don't know if this is really needed.
      I think that if is not possible to modify the WorkManager to store the relation between works and transactions, the documentation must be modified to reflect the need of implementing the new interface to use other transaction manager with Jboss.